Save Money, Save Time, Save Trees: EFT!

EFT-Video“I mailed my check two weeks ago and you still haven’t received it?!?”

“I thought I scheduled that through my bill pay service?”

“I completely forgot about making my payment!”

 These are just a few things we hear when taking phone calls in the Customer Service department.  And each of these could be avoided with three simple letters:  EFT!

What is EFT?  I’m happy you asked.  EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer and it’s an easy, fast, and secure way for you to make your payments. You can use EFT to pay all kinds of bills: utilities, insurance, credit cards, cell phones.  Most companies now offer this option that will electronically debit your checking or savings account on the due date of the bill. Paying via EFT means your payment will always be on time, every time – no more late fees!  It saves you time and money as it eliminates the need to write checks and pay for postage.  You’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle of unpredictable mail times and the chance of your payment getting lost in the mail.  Many companies will also waive service fees if you sign up for EFT.  And of course, if you’re the environmentally-friendly type, it’s a great was to conserve paper and resources!

I’ve only mentioned a few perks of enrolling in this option. Why do you use EFT?

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