The start of the New Year is the perfect time to plan for the upcoming months and what you hope to accomplish. Some hope for personal changes or lifestyle changes, but this year my mom introduced me to a new type of goal: home improvements. She decided this year would be the year she stays ahead of home projects and what she can do to prevent a loss.

It is difficult to work on outdoor home improvement projects due to the weather in the early months, but it is the perfect opportunity to list what work can be done once the temperatures rise again. Here are a few of the things I like to check after the winter weather has passed.

  • Roof

Winter storms can be brutal, between the wind, snow, and ice that forms, most roofs take a beating. The spring is the perfect opportunity to check for any damaged or lifting shingles caused by the winter weather. Addressing these right away will help prevent future losses the spring rain brings.

  • Siding

The same winter weather damage can be done to the exterior siding of the home. This is a chance to touch up any areas that have peeling paint or dry rot. Also, as the trees begin to fill up with leaves and bushes grow, it’s a good time to cut them back away from the home.

  • Gutters

I always forget to clean out the gutters until the first snow begins to fall, which means they get clogged up with falling leaves and debris and aren’t prepared to do their job once the rainy season comes. In the future, I’d like to address this at the end of fall, but after winter is also a good time to make sure everything is connected and cleaned out.

  • Debris

Winter storms always seem to leave an abundance of damage wherever they hit. Mostly, I usually find tree branches have fallen into the yard. This is an opportunity to do a quick yard search and pick up the debris left behind from the storms. It keeps the yard nice and clean and gives you a chance to assess if any damage has been done from the fallen debris.

Winter always brings great snow days that come with the chance to curl up inside and prepare a list of what you want to get done when the cold breaks. These projects cannot be completed until the weather improves, but they are simple ways to prevent future losses during the next big storm.

For more information on how to protect your roof from all weather types, watch Simple Roof Maintenance Tips.

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