Fishing, dock, sunsetSurface water so calm you can see your reflection. The sun’s rays warming your skin and birds singing in the distance. These can only mean one thing – fishing! Okay, so maybe you didn’t picture fishing. Maybe you pictured your own perfect vacation at a lake, beach, or pool but for me, fishing is the ultimate pastime for summer.

You see, my dad and I were the best anglers around, or so he always let me believe. For years we took on the lakes in the tri-state area to compete in bass fishing tournaments. We won some and lost some, but the memories and life lessons will forever live in me.

One of these life lessons was patience. Have you ever been on the receiving end of an impatient person? It can come off as rude and that you’re inconveniencing them which can leave you feeling discouraged and undervalued. Imagine if a medical provider was impatient – would you feel like they are taking care of the actual problem or could they be missing something life altering? What if a parent became impatient with their child’s learning; how could that affect the child in their future endeavors, even into adulthood?

In our hectic, instant-results kind of world, patience is a dying virtue. It’s vital in all aspects of life, including personal relationships and your career, so it’s critical to learn and maintain the art of patience. In fishing, you’re at the mercy of the fish. Sure you can have the fanciest boat, tackle, or Fish Finder you want but if the fish aren’t interested, the only thing you’re catching is a sunburn.

Regardless of the scenario or your role – parent, consumer, employee, service provider and yes, fisherman – practicing patience can be very rewarding. Patience can encourage confidence; it can inspire someone to try something new or not give up on something old; it can even be uplifting to one’s spirits. As a customer service representative, I find myself having a better day when I practice patience. I encourage you to try it yourself; you may just find yourself enjoying a very satisfying day!

So whether you’re waiting on the catch of the day or saving lives, practicing patience is something we are all capable of. Drop me a line below and let me know when you’ve practiced patience and the overall effect it had.

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