While the students enjoy the freedom and fun of summer, the parents start to count down the days until school starts again. One of the more daunting yet exciting times for both parents and teenagers happens during the summer between graduating high school and starting their freshman year of college. This is the start of many big life changes for everyone, which can also bring a lot of stress and questions. As a parent, an important question you may not be thinking about is what coverage your student will have when they go off to college. Are they covered under your homeowners policy? Do they need more coverage?

Many homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage for your college student while they are away at school. If they are residents of a college dorm, most insurance carriers provide coverage for their personal liability and personal property under the parents’ homeowners’ policy.

Carriers can vary in how much personal property will be covered while away at school or away from home. The industry average for property covered away from the residence is 10% of Coverage C (contents coverage). If your child decides to rent an off-campus apartment, it is important to discuss what coverage they have available with your insurance agent as this coverage is dependent on each insurance carrier’s coverage forms. A renter’s policy may be necessary if your students resides off-campus.

Though moving off to college is a scary time in life, have peace of mind knowing many carriers provide coverage under the homeowners policy for students while they are away at school. Contact your independent agent to make sure your student can focus on their studies with the peace of mind they have the right insurance coverage for them!

Watch “Insurance 101: A Parent’s Guide to College Student Coverage” and visit our Frequently Asked Questions library for more information on insurance coverages for college students.


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  1. It’s good to know that home insurance can cover college dorms and apartments from damage and other incidents. My son is going off to college soon and he wants to make sure he doesn’t have to pay for any damage that anyone causes to his dorm. We’ll be sure to keep this in mind as we search for an insurance company that will help him rest easy over this!

  2. Have a look at the inclusions and exclusion before choosing insurance policy

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