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Co-existing With Your Co-workers

Co-workerI find it amusing that when we look for a job, the questions people tend to focus on are: “Where is the job located?” “How much does it pay?” “Will I like the work?” Those sorts of things. What we rarely ask ourselves is: “Who will I be working with?” It’s mostly because it’s one of those uncontrollable factors, but it’s just not a question we worry about. At least not until we start the job. We don’t get to choose the people we work with. It would be great if we could, and I’m sure somewhere some big exec is shaking his head muttering to himself that I’m wrong, but in my experience you get what you get.

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Deer in the Headlights: 6 Tips to Avoid an Accident with Our Furry Friends

Deer CrossingAccording to Car-Accidents.com, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there are approximately 1.5 million car crashes each year as a result of deer. Deer are especially active during fall, which coincides with their mating season. Although we cannot stop deer from entering roadways at inopportune times, there are steps we can take to diminish the chance of having an accident if a deer crosses our path while driving.

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Be Ready, Be Safe

My community experienced an F4 tornado on November 10, 2002.    Unfortunately there were two deaths in the community but there could have been many more.  The local cinema was full of people out for a movie on a Sunday afternoon.  Cinema employees moved everyone to the safest part of the building when the warning alarms were sounded.

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How Do You Go Mobile…App or Website?

myCentral MobileThe cell phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past, while the smartphone is quickly becoming the latest trend.  Here are a few interesting facts: 

  • Of the 4 billion mobile phones in use, just over 1 billion are now smartphones. 
  • Apple has over 400,000 mobile apps available; Android has over 200,000 available. 
  • In 2010, there were 8.2 billion downloads of mobile apps and that number is expected to grow to 17 billion in 2011.  
  • The mobile Internet is expected to overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web within five years.

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Employee Theft Can Lead to Unhappy Holidays

Employee TheftIt’s hard to believe the Christmas season is just around the corner.  Large amounts of money will be spent on the perfect gifts or donated to favorite charities.  To handle the volume of additional business and customers, many stores and organizations hire seasonal employees to maintain great customer service.  After all, for many stores, a large percentage of their total annual revenue is generated during this two-month period.  With so much money changing hands, I have to ask myself if these businesses are doing everything possible to minimize employee theft.

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Coming of Age in the Workforce

Fast Food Worker

My oldest daughter works at a local fast-food restaurant.   While she has just entered college, she started working at the restaurant during her senior year in high school.  And, like all younger workers, she was worried that college students would come home for summer break and take some of her hours to make some money.   Jobs are at a premium these days as you know, with a national unemployment rate hovering around 9.1% as of August 2011.   Fortunately, her hours did not decrease much even though, as was broadcast this year, college students were having difficulty landing summer work.

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The Thermostat Wars

ThermostatThe area of the country I live in recently had its first frost of the season.  Awakening to find a thick layer of frost on my car’s windshield was a stark reminder that winter will soon arrive.

The first frost, falling leaves, and brisk temperatures also remind me it’s time to begin another season of the Thermostat Wars.

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