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New vs. Used: The Car Buying Conundrum

When it comes time to buy a car or truck, most people struggle with an important question: new or used? There are pros and cons to both choices, and serious consideration should be taken to be sure you do what you feel is best. Below are some things to think about when deciding which path to choose.

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Building Your Winning Team

Did you watch the Super Bowl this past weekend?  Even if you aren’t a pro football fan, I’m sure you will agree that both the Patriots and Giants have definitely been successful at building a winning team with the help of good player selection.  

NFL teams follow the players throughout their college careers to determine if their skills will be a good match for what the team needs.   They make their draft decisions after observing the game performance of the athletes. The pros know whether they need a quarterback or a defensive end before the college draft begins. 

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Do Your Passwords Pass the Security Test?

Do you worry about someone hacking into your computer and stealing your private information?  Many of us bank, manage credit cards, and report our income taxes online, and use Facebook and other social media websites.  All of these types of sites are password protected and that means we’re all aware of the importance of keeping our passwords to ourselves or sharing with others (such as a spouse) in a secure fashion.

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Office Safety Starts With Good Housekeeping

When you think office housekeeping, you probably think of tasks like keeping things off the floor, hanging up coats in designated areas and not on the backs of chairs, leaving the conference room with a clean table and chairs pushed in, and picking up your trash after using the break or lunch room.

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Art Imitating Life

Over the weekend, I was watching a drama on television where the plot centered on a law firm and its various office relationships intertwined with some courtroom action.   Although I do like this show, it struck me that the plot had shifted from the actual court proceedings being the core of the show to those behind closed-door trysts.   Definitely not a show  made for young eyes!

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Insurance Discounts with No Coupon Required

Have you ever watched Extreme Couponing?

If you’re not familiar, Extreme Couponing is the name of a hit reality TV show based on “super couponers:” people who go to great lengths to save money on necessary household items by clipping coupons.  The show debuted as a special in late 2010 on the TLC cable network and was so successful, the network immediately ordered a season’s worth of shows which began last spring.

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How I Became a Raccoon Wrangler

As a claims adjuster, I wear a lot of different hats on a daily basis.  On one hand, I am always trying to provide the best customer service, but I am also focused on the steps of adjusting a property claim or investigating an automobile accident. One of the best things about being a claims adjuster is that your job is never boring.  Each claim has different circumstances, which provide separate challenges.

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