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Don’t Be Haunted by a Claim this Halloween

Trick-or-TreatI remember when I was a kid out trick-or-treating.  There was always this house set up kind of like a haunted house.  Usually someone was jumping out from behind a corner or popping out of a box, trying to get you to scream like a little school girl.  That is part of the fun of Halloween.  However, I’m in insurance, more specifically claims, so it also gets me thinking about the things that could go wrong on Halloween and result in a premises liability claim. 

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Six Tips for a Safe Halloween

Trick or TreatWith Halloween around the corner, there are sure to be ghouls and goblins knocking on doors and demanding sugary treats. Below are some tips to keep these little “monsters” safe while out trick-or-treating.

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What’s Your Ergonomics IQ?

ErgonomicsErgonomics.  No doubt you’ve heard this term used in your office environment.  But what is ergonomics?  There are many scientific definitions, but in its simplest terms, ergonomics is making a workplace comfortable and efficient for the worker.  Why is ergonomics important in your organization?

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5 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs from Hitching a Ride Home

Bed BugsWhen I was a youngster spending the night at my grandparents, one of the last things my grandmother would say while tucking me in bed was, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  To be honest, I really had no idea what she meant.  What was going to bite me while I was asleep and what the heck was a bed bug anyway?  I guess my mind was more focused on the fun I had that day and what was planned for tomorrow.

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Sixteen Candles and a Car

Teen DriverIt’s funny how one day can cause so many different emotions depending on your point-of-view.   

If you’re a teenager, it’s the most wonderful day of all, a day you’ve looked forward to perhaps more than any other of your accumulated 5,840 days of existence on earth.

If you’re a mom, you’re frightened out of your mind. 

If you’re an insurance-paying parent or guardian, you’re probably just a little bit grumpy because it’s one of the most expensive days of all. 

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What NOT to Forget on Moving Day!

New LocationI was reading the newspaper today and noticed something unusual – a business is expanding!   I know with our economy, it’s hard to spend money, especially when it comes to a new building.   It was a nice surprise to see a company is growing and needing more space!   However, it got me to wondering…… will this business tell their insurance agent about the new premises?

I know insurance can be one of the last items considered when undergoing such a major company change.   But if you don’t inform your agent about the new premises, you may have an unexpected problem in the event of a loss.

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What Women Want: A Relationship with Good Customer Service

Mad MenI read a study recently that said 95 percent of women are the financial decision makers in their household.  95 percent!  It got me thinking about a show I’ve been watching lately called “Mad Men.” If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about an ad agency in New York City in the 1960s. The show paints the quintessential portrait of the decade: a male-dominated business world where men are in control of the household finances and their wives need only be concerned with pot roast and laundry detergent.

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5 Steps to Take After an Accident

AccidentAn automobile accident is a scary and stressful situation regardless if it’s your fault or not.  I talk to a lot of people after they’ve been in an accident and they are so shaken up that they have difficulty giving me the details of how the accident happened.  I can’t blame them.  I have never been in a car accident (knock on wood), but I do consider myself somewhat of a professional when it comes to what needs to be done following an accident.  Here are five steps to help you get back on track.

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Why I Volunteer

VolunteerVolunteering for a cause or organization that you believe in can be one of the most rewarding and fun things in life.  My first volunteer “opportunity” came when an organization approached my boss looking for help.  It wasn’t going to work for her to help so she asked me if I would be willing to give up a few lunch hours and join the group.  I have trouble saying no, plus it sounded interesting so I agreed.    The group was planning a brand new annual event involving many worthwhile organizations in the community.  While I was only a small part of the event’s success, I’m proud to say that the event marked it’s 13th anniversary earlier this month.  

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Five Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

Identity TheftHave you thought about what will happen if the United States Postal Service continues to reduce their services? How will you be impacted if they cut out Saturday delivery? Does your life get put on hold because they decrease service? I’m not going to sit around and wait for them. The answer lies in electronic and paperless options available today. Many companies and individuals are already taking advantage of electronic commerce, along with the cost savings they offer. 

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