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Road Trip Rentals…Are You Covered?

This summer, millions will take to the road to embark on the annual family vacation. Although many people drive their own personal vehicles on family road trips, others opt for the convenience and utility of renting a car for vacation travel.  By going this route, families are able to save the mileage and wear and tear on their own personal vehicles and in many cases, obtain a larger vehicle with more space than their own car would provide. Even those vacationers who fly to their destination often rent a car when they arrive so they can travel locally.

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The Need for Speed

Take a moment to think of all the ways we have made things faster. Stick the words “instant,” “quick,” “speedy” or “express” in the name of something and now you can charge extra for it. From the packages we ship to the food we eat, we have become a society that hates to wait. In fact, there are very few circumstances where waiting is acceptable, and waiting on our PCs is not one of them. So if the current speed of your PC has you frazzled, here are some tips that will hopefully help restore a portion of your sanity.

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No Matter the Size Fleet Safety Comes First!

When most people think of fleet safety they probably tend to think of a “fleet” as a large number of vehicles (50+ vehicles).  After all, a small contractor with 4-5 pickup trucks may not think of the trucks as a “fleet” but rather just how the employees get to the job site.

The fact is, whether you have one vehicle or several hundred, you are exposed to risk. Even small fleets can benefit from a fleet safety program, and whether addressing a large or a small fleet, the basic components of the program are the same.

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Break Murphy’s Law with Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

This adage, coined by American aerospace engineer Edward Murphy some six decades ago, is known as Murphy’s Law. A popular variant to this statement adds the conclusion “at the worst possible moment.”

Perhaps this maxim explains why air conditioning systems always fail in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave, or why the television goes on the blink right before kickoff of the big game.

While it may be true that Murphy’s Law is immutable, there is a measure of protection available for you and your household’s essential equipment. Learn more by watching our video!

The Working Dead

This past weekend I ran in a 5K obstacle race called “Run for Your Lives.” The premise is this: you go to a farm or wooded area, put on a belt that has red flags attached, and then run through a trail of obstacles all while trying to avoid zombies. That’s right, as if running in 90 degree weather through mud and rocks wasn’t enough, you also have to try to avoid legions of the undead that are after your flags. If you finish the race with a flag, you are a survivor. If you lose all of your flags, then you finish the race as one of the undead and your times are listed accordingly. It was fun, intense, and tiring to say the least.

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Sharing the Load Leads to Success

We all have times when there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what we need to do at work or at home.  If you frequently find yourself in this situation, you may be making a mistake that some supervisors make – thinking you are the only person who can complete the work.  The answer to your time management problem is to delegate whenever possible!  Good supervisors know they can’t do everything themselves and recognize there are many benefits to delegating tasks. It can help your staff (or family) develop new skills, creates a sense of teamwork, and frees up your time for things that only YOU can do. Follow these steps for effective delegation.

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Ten Tips for E-mail Security

According to Radicati Group, there will be 2.5 billion e-mail users by 2014. With all of this e-mail activity, you need to be diligent not to fall victim to the various attacks that can plague e-mail users.

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