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Swim Into a Safe Summer at the Pool

With the warm weather now in full swing, people have begun opening their pools for the summer. While pools are a great way to escape the heat, there are several safety considerations to take to be sure your summer oasis is a safe one.

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Analyzing the Avengers: The Ingredients for a Strong and Diverse Team

Throughout our lives, we as humans constantly find ourselves as members of various teams. These teams often differ in their individual agendas, but ultimately all work towards achieving some sort of goal. If you are on a business team, such as marketing or customer service, it is important to have a diverse group of people on board. We all come from different backgrounds and have a unique set of experiences that we can pull from in order to come up with valuable ideas. This very blog is the product of a team effort and was designed to be used as another tool for customer service. The old saying, “two heads are better than one,” is a simple means of saying that “the more ideas, the more talent and strengths, the better.”

To prove my point, we really don’t have to look much further than the recent blockbuster “The Avengers.” “The Avengers” are the perfect example of what ingredients it takes to construct a well-rounded team.

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Deconstructing Constructive Feedback

Occasionally, we all need to  give constructive feedback to others.  The problem is that many times the feedback is given poorly and the other person feels attacked or they want to run and hide.  This is the “fight or flight syndrome” that we are all familiar with.  It’s very difficult to listen and learn from feedback if you are hurt or feel you need to defend yourself.  Here are some tips to help you give feedback the right way to your employees, your boss, or even a family member.

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To the Cloud…or Stay Grounded?

Before you go “to the cloud,” you should have an understanding of what that really means. “The cloud” is nothing more than a catchy buzz-word for the various networks and servers that make up the Internet; the very same Internet that you are using to access this blog post. Continuing advancements in technology are making it easier and more practical to access almost anything (documents, pictures, videos, etc.) from anywhere (mobile devices) via “the cloud.”

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Fire Safety is No Accident

No matter how much we try to prevent accidents, the unfortunate truth is they happen.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that an average of 373,900 home structure fires occurred annually from 2005-2009.  These fires caused an annual average of:

  • 2,650 civilian fire deaths
  • 12,890 civilian fire injuries
  • $7.1 billion in direct damage

Yes, accidents do happen, but some simple preparation can help prevent injury and reduce the amount of damage.  A portable fire extinguisher is an ideal item to have on hand for putting out a small fire, or to suppress a fire until firefighters arrive.

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How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Nothing puts the brakes on a road trip faster than car trouble.  While regular maintenance by a mechanic is the best way to keep your car in top running condition, we recommend performing your own maintenance check before heading out.  Watch our video “How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip” for a demonstration of how to make sure your car is ready to cover the miles.  Take these precautions before your your next road trip and avoid those “bumps in the road!”

Metal: A Magnet for Thieves

On my way to work, I used to drive past an open lot which contained a large pile of construction debris – mostly broken pieces of concrete and bricks.  And sitting in front of that pile of debris was a very large sign advising “THEIVES NOT WELCOME!”  Childishly handwritten and misspelled, it did not appear very threatening.  In fact, with no obvious signs of security around the property, it seemed more likely to invite a curious thief to see if there might be something of value hidden in that pile.

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