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Identity Theft: One Subject You Don’t Want to Learn at College

As students head off to school this fall, they need to stay vigilant against the scams, schemes, and tricks of identity fraudsters. Student identity theft is on the rise, all around the world. Like most predators, identity thieves like to target the young and the elderly. That’s why college and university students frequently become victims of identity theft. Consider these statistics:

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Coverage for the College Student

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This is the time of year I often receive questions about the coverages needed to protect students who are going away for school. These requests are common for parents sending their children off to college for the first time. College campuses won’t look the same this coming fall semester, but growing numbers of U.S. colleges are pledging to reopen, so there will be students heading to college soon.

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Fostering Relationships in a Socially-Distant World

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Relationships! We all got ‘em. We all want ‘em. What do we do with ‘em?”

That is a line from “Fruitcakes,” a song by my favorite musician, Jimmy Buffett (yes, I am a Parrothead)! He’s right…we all have them. Family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, the mailman, your hairdresser…you get the picture. But, what do we do with them? It is important to foster relationships, especially in today’s social distance climate.

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School Bus Safety for 2020

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School 2020…what will it look like? None of us really know yet as plans and government recommendations seem to change day-to-day. One thing is certain – it will look much different than ever before. If your children are among those physically returning to their school building, bus transportation may be part of their daily routine. Required use of face masks, special seating arrangements, alternate schedules, and new loading and unloading procedures will make even this part of the students’ day drastically different than in the past.

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How to Save Money on Gas During a Road Trip!

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As we approach the end to summer, and back to school is on the horizon, we are embarking on our final vacations for the season. This year, road trips have become very popular due to the current circumstances. For tips on road tripping during a pandemic, click here to read my previous post. This blog, however, includes tips and tricks on how to save money on gas during a road trip.

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The Nurse Hotline: The First Step in a Work Injury Claim

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Did you know that over 2.9 million workplace injuries occur each year? Accidents and injuries happen, but the common goal is to limit the number of injuries and keep employees as safe as possible. When an injury does happen, there is a process that is followed, and filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is typically an early part of that process.

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Managing Claims is Easy with myCentral®

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Insurance is such an oddity; people pay premiums in exchange for a promise of help if something goes wrong. Everyone hopes to never test that promise, but let’s face it – bad things happen. When something bad does happen, myCentral is available to Central policyholders 24/7 to ease the journey.

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Save Money with Auto Premium Discounts

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Many of us are well aware that owning a car can be expensive (especially a new car)! According to a AAA study, the average cost of owning and operating a new car was $773.50 a month in 2019. Expenses like fuel, maintenance, and insurance can add up. The average cost of car insurance (including collision, comprehensive and liability) was $1,062 per year in 2016, according to a National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ report. While you can’t control every expense associated with owning a car, you can take advantage of  discounts to help lower your auto insurance premium.

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Wet Drowning vs. Dry Drowning vs. Secondary Drowning: Know the Signs

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On a hot, summer day, nothing sounds better than hopping in a cool pool, lake, river, or ocean. However, if you have kids age 14 or under, time by or in the water might cause you a bit of anxiety or fear. We have all heard about different cases of a child drowning on the news or social media. It’s a scary thing, but we can help prevent it.

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Reopening Your Business During COVID-19

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The last four months have been some of the most taxing and pressurized months I have seen in my 35 years calling on business owners. It’s hard enough to start a business and keep it up and running, but add COVID-19 to the mix, and it has made it almost impossible.

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