My Career Destination through the World of Insurance

Roy Goodman once said, “Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” Even though my current career looks very different from what I had envisioned, life had other plans that have taken me on many travels before reaching my final destination.

After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, my next goal was to obtain a management trainee position and work my way up in a company. Unfortunately, I graduated from college in the mid-eighties when the economy was in a slump. For the next ten years, I worked in a few offices doing everything from being an accounting clerk, to production coordinator in a factory, and selling life insurance (definitely not for me).

I then applied at the headquarters of a local insurance carrier. There were a few entry-level positions open and I think I interviewed five times before I even got my foot in the door. I never realized how many different careers were in the insurance industry – customer service, accounting, IT, claims, human resources, underwriting, marketing, sales, and the list goes on. I settled into the customer services field and advanced as positions became available. I continued to learn and challenge myself by taking insurance courses and obtaining designations. I would have been happy to retire from where I was, but like Roy Goodman’s quote says, “happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” An opening for a commercial underwriting technician was posted and a mentor encouraged me to “go for it!”

“I want to be a commercial underwriter when I grow up”, said no one…ever. But here I am, working as a commercial underwriter at Central Mutual Insurance and I love it!

As many older insurance professionals retire, there will be thousands of jobs available in the insurance industry. This will give many young professionals the opportunity to “travel” into a great career.

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