May is National Moving Month, and given the time of year, it’s no wonder why! It’s an extremely busy period for the real estate market as many prepare to buy and move into their new homes. I’ve also been through my fair share of selling, purchasing, and moving, so it goes without saying that this can be a very exciting, yet very stressful time.

With all the excitement, stress, and worry that goes on when buying and selling a home, perhaps the least favorite part is the actual moving process.

It’s amazing when you ask family or friends if they are available to help you move and they all suddenly come up with last minute plans. Strange, isn’t it? For many of us, the only way we’re going to get from one home to the next is by hiring a moving company. But before you do that, make sure you research ahead of time to lessen your risk of any unwanted moving pains and headaches.

First, check the online listings and be sure the moving company has plenty of positive references and reviews. Don’t forget to check with family or friends for personal recommendations. Believe it or not, there are scammers disguising themselves to look like moving companies. It’d be awful to show up to your new house with nothing to go inside!

Second, keep your valuables with you. Little things like jewelry, watches, sentimental photos, etc. tend to get lost or broken during the moving process. If you have that one-of-a-kind autographed photo, don’t trust it to the mover you’ve hired whose job is to get you moved out and moved back in as quickly as they can.

Finally, BUBBLE WRAP, BUBBLE WRAP, BUBBLE WRAP! The more the better, you can’t use enough. Over the years, I’ve seen claim after claim for items damaged during the moving process, either because they were lost or not properly wrapped. If you just recently spent $4,000 on the latest and greatest TV, then protect it before you end up having to buy another one!

Here’s to a smooth, safe, and happy move in day!

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