For basketball junkies and non-junkies alike, this is the greatest time of year for college basketball. March Madness has officially arrived! The excitement for the sport is at its highest, and even the non-basketball fans believe they are the next great bracketologist. And just when you think your favorite team has won, the dream is snatched away in a matter of seconds from a buzzer-beating shot. Oh, the joys of March Madness! But before you have all of your friends and family over for the fun, are you ready for the risks?

March Madness is a great time to gather together to watch the games. Food is never-ending with wings, pretzels, and chips followed by pizza, burgers, and ribs. If you’re in for the long-haul, you’ll stick around for the assortment of desserts and alcoholic beverages will likely be served. So when you’re preparing for your guests to arrive, don’t forget to think about the risks that come with all of the fun.

Hosting guests and serving alcohol are just two of the many risks that could be covered by a Personal Umbrella Policy. If a party-goer jumps out of their seat and slips when the game-winning shot goes in or an obvious foul isn’t called angering your overly-competitive friend that causes an injury, your Personal Umbrella Policy could provide the necessary coverages. Medical costs and living expenses only continue to rise which could easily erode the liability limit that may be offered through your primary homeowners policy. An umbrella policy can provide an additional layer of liability protection and peace of mind. It can also provide coverages that are not available under the basic homeowners insurance policy such as libel and slander. Are you prepared to cover the risks? Contact your independent agent for more information about purchasing a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Now it’s time to enjoy the madness!

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