A day in the life of a loss control consultant is the closest thing in the insurance industry to being a rock star. People love to see my name calling on their phone or see me showing up at their business. My advice is always graciously accepted and appreciated, and tears are always shed when I leave.

Unfortunately, none of those things are true and would be written in “sarcasm” font if such a thing existed. Loss control is often a misunderstood section of the insurance industry. In reality, I’m usually mistaken as a telemarketer or a door-to-door safety salesman. I knew very little about loss control in my first decade in the insurance industry, but have found it to be a very challenging, rewarding, and valuable aspect of the business.

I spent eleven years working in the insurance claims department and it showed me the very real and devastating effect that accidents and poor safety management can cause. I now use that knowledge to try and help policyholders improve their safety procedures and reduce hazards that could cause a huge problem for their employees, property, or business.

Like many jobs, loss control can be explained in simple terms. I visit a policyholder to learn about their history, business operations, products, and property. I walk through the property to see if I can provide any suggestions to reduce the chances of injury, accident, or property damage that could severely disrupt their operations.

That may sound easy, but I’m constantly surprised by the variety of dangers we see. On any given day, I may be touring a church meeting room followed by a craft brewery and a foundry pouring molten steel. The majority of recommendations I provide are simple, inexpensive solutions that may prevent a big headache. From checking your handrails to storing your paint, we’ve been trained on the proper ways to improve safety throughout any environment.

More people are learning the benefits that insurance loss control consultants can provide, and policyholders who understand how our department works really do enjoy getting our call and seeing us at the door. A career in loss control is an interesting and rewarding way to put value into insurance for people. I doubt we’ll ever be treated like rock stars, but I have been known to play a little air guitar upon request.

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