Keeping the Customer Service Spirit All Year Long

Central-2010-111The holiday season has officially come to an end, but I wish that was not the case. The holidays represent more than gifts and time off of work – they represent being a little nicer and more thoughtful, and acting towards others as you would like them to act towards you. In that case, does the “season” really have to end?

Customer service is especially crucial during the holidays. We have all had at least one, if not a dozen, poor customer service experiences during the busy holiday rush. But what about customer service that went above and beyond your expectations? Maybe even surprised you? In the spirit of the season, I am choosing to focus on the good customer service experiences I have had recently.

One experience over the Thanksgiving holiday quite frankly shocked me. My husband and I traveled out of the country to visit family and we had some trouble getting our credit card to work at one of our stops. I knew I was going to have to call the credit card company and I was absolutely dreading it. Those kinds of calls seem to never end in a timely fashion or without a great deal of frustration. Surprisingly, I was only on hold for a few short moments. The customer service representative that answered my call was friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. At the end of our conversation, he actually thanked me for being such a loyal customer. What I had feared would be an absolute disaster actually ended up being not only pleasant, but a memorable experience!

The holidays are a great time for customer service representatives to make positive lasting memories for their customers. This year, I am choosing to remember the positive experiences I was blessed with, but I’m also looking forward to many more throughout 2015! Here’s to another year of positive experiences. Cheers!

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  1. Jessica, for me this is a WOW post!

    We all need to remember the positive impact we can have on others, our family, our spouses or significant others and our clients each and every day!

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