Slip and fallHave you ever had a friend at your house and they tripped on a step and got hurt?  Maybe you are a business owner and you’ve had a customer that slipped and fell on your property.   Accidents happen, often by no fault of yours.  That’s why you carry medical payments coverage on your insurance policy.

Most homeowners policies include a small limit for med pay coverage.  Commercial policies offer med pay coverage as an option  and it comes highly recommended from your good ol’ claims adjuster.  You wouldn’t believe how much easier it makes your life, or mine, for that matter. 

Med pay coverage is what it sounds like.  It is a no-fault limit of insurance that is available to pay out for medical bills that Aunt Betty or Frank the Tank (you know who I’m talking about) racked up because they were hurt while on your property.  

When someone you know gets hurt at your house, it’s nice to be able to offer them money towards their bills.  Sometimes it’s someone you don’t have a connection to.  The immediate thought at that point  is usually, “It’s not my fault!  Why is my insurance paying?”  That’s where this coverage comes in.  Think of it as a “peace offering.”

It’s not a pretty situation when someone gets hurt on your property and they think it’s your fault.  Having med pay coverage allows me, your claims adjuster, to offer something to help them out.  Telling someone there isn’t any coverage usually results in them finding a lawyer and filing a liability claim.  A liability claim stays open much longer and costs all of us more money.  

The moral of the story is medical payments coverage is a good coverage to have on your policy.  What do you think?  Do you have any situations where maybe you didn’t agree on a claim your insurance paid out?  Maybe med pay coverage saved the day for you.  Tell me about it.  I’m a sucker for good stories.

4 responses to “Keep Med Pay Coverage and Keep the Peace”

  1. This is great information on coverage that many people don’t think about having until after it’s too late. Thanks for Sharing!

    1. I am glad you felt it was good information. Thanks for reading!

  2. I agree. This is great information. When I was a child, a friend of mine slipped and fell down the stairs and broke her leg. Her parents then tried suing my parents for medical bills and such. Luckily they didn’t go through with it but it sure was a lesson learned. Medical payments coverage is a must have and is most cases cheap insurance.

  3. That is a perfect example. Thanks for the input. I am glad that the situation didn’t get too out of hand!

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