Jump Into Summer Safely: Trampoline Tips


Now that school’s out for the summer, entertaining the kids becomes a full time job! When they’re not at camps, practices, etc. throughout the day, outside play is always a great option. Kids love jumping, and trampolines have maintained their popularity over the years. Thankfully, as time has gone on, safety has improved and become a priority. Some parents are still wary of the idea of having a trampoline, but trampolines have come a long way with safety in mind. Of course, there are still some rules that should be in place. Here are a few smart and safer options if your kids are begging for a trampoline this summer:

  • Springless – these come in all shapes and sizes and eliminate one of the major hazards of a trampoline: the springs and metal bars that kids often slip through or fall on.
  • In-ground trampolines – these can be spring or springless. If the trampoline has springs, they should always be padded for protection.
    • In-ground trampolines should still be located a safe distance from other objects such as playsets, fences, decks, concrete, etc.
    • It is best to consult a professional for in-ground trampoline installation to ensure proper ventilation and support.

Regardless of the type of trampoline, they should always be:

  • Netted for safety.
  • Installed on a level surface away from other structures.
  • In a fenced yard to prevent unwanted entry (if you’re in a subdivision or have neighbors close by).

A few ground rules to set in place for your kids are:

  • Always have adult supervision.
  • Children under the age of 6 should not be allowed on the trampoline.
  • Limit somersaults or “tricks” if there is more than one jumper.

As always, check with your independent agent to see how adding a trampoline can affect your homeowners insurance and what your carrier may require.

For more info on trampoline safety, check out this blog post.

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