“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”

It’s likely you’ve heard this quote before. While we aren’t sure who coined the phrase, we do know there’s a lot of truth in that statement!  It’s not only taking care of your customers that’s important, but how you do it.

Central was recently ranked second in the Deep Customer Connections Ease of Doing Business Survey.  In this survey, more than 7,000 independent agents assessed over 200 property and casualty carriers on 11 different factors.  Central earned top ten ranking in 10 of the 11 unique factors.

While the 11 unique factors an insurance agent looks for in their carrier partner may differ from what you look for in a good customer service experience, one thing remains contstant: anyone can provide customer service but it’s the quality and level of the service you provide that makes your business rise above your competition.

In the work environment and even in our personal lives, it is amazing how good customer service is appreciated but may be forgotten within days or even hours.  However poor customer service seems to be remembered indefinitely!

Recognizing that each customer is an individual with unique needs will go a long way to helping you provide them with the best service.  Not all solutions work for all people. Take the time to go the extra mile, really get to know your customer, and work with them until they are completely satisfied.

Yes, outstanding customer service will earn you awards and recognition, but it will also earn you respect, trust, and loyalty from your customers, developing relationships your business will grow on.

What do you do in your business to provide outstanding customer service?

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