Is Human Interaction Still Necessary in a Digital Lifestyle?

When you think of really good customer service, what do you envision? I know that personally, I prefer many different methods of communication. My top picks would be:

  1. Websites. If a company does not have a great website, it immediately concerns me. As a young Millennial, I prefer to do as much as I can online by myself before I even pick up a phone. I like when websites are bright and easy to navigate.
  2. Mobile apps. Mobile apps make life much easier when you are constantly on the go. If I don’t have access to a computer, mobile apps are my go-to. It’s also quicker to make payments through a mobile app than sitting down at my computer and pulling up the website.
  3. E-mail. E-mail is fantastic for questions or concerns. If I have a question that isn’t time sensitive, I will send an e-mail. I feel that I can get a great, detailed answer via e-mail and print out or save the response for any similar situations that arise.
  4. By phone. Finally, my last option is a phone number. If I get frustrated with the website or app, or need an immediate response, I will just call. Sometimes situations can be very complicated, and it’s easier to explain to a real person rather than typing it out in an e-mail.

Each age group differs in how much digital service they like. In a recent study by Mark Clark, he found the following percentage of each group prefers digital channels:

  • Millennials – 49%
  • Gen X – 40%
  • Boomers – 27%
  • Silent Gen – 20%

Interestingly enough, he found that 79% of people still want to be able to directly contact someone in customer service (Clark, 2016). Therefore, I don’t think the phone number is going to go away anytime soon. Even though, personally, it’s my last option, I still want to be able to contact someone directly. Technology is great – when it works! Sometimes, there are situations that you feel it best to speak with an actual human being.

For more about a digital perspective of customer service, I would definitely recommend reading Mark Clark’s full article.

What are your favorite methods of communication?

Clark, Mark. The Surprising (and counter-intuitive) Truth About Customer Service. My:Time, 4 Nov. 2016,  Accessed 20 Feb 2017.

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