InVEST ClassLet’s face it….most students don’t dream of a career in the insurance industry. I didn’t. I studied Journalism. I wanted to be an anchorwoman for a major network. Now that’s exciting! Well, life had other ideas for me and today I find myself working for an insurance company. And quite the opposite of what you might think, it’s interesting, fulfilling and yes, even fun!

The thing is, I’m a younger professional in the industry.  Most of my co-workers are older than me, and many are closing in on retirement.  The industry needs new, fresh talent, but students today want to be IT professionals or physical therapists.  They don’t want to sell insurance. There’s a program called InVEST that’s trying to change that.  It’s an insurance education program that starts in the high school classroom. Students who participate learn how the insurance industry works, what the jobs are like, and develop some insurance skills like how to read a policy.  For some students, it plants a seed that could grow into a pretty rewarding career in insurance.  For others, it just helps them make smarter insurance choices.  Whatever the outcome, it benefits everyone involved.  The InVEST program at our local high school is taught by volunteers – a mix of Central employees and local agents.  Last year, the focus was on Personal Auto insurance.  What better way to get the attention of a clasroom full of high school kids than to talk about cars?! It was pretty successful and the students who participated are now eligible for scholarships.

Does your local school offer an InVEST program?  Would you be interested in starting one?  Drop me a line below if you’d like to learn more. 

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    Insurance is one of the critical obligations all of us has to consider whether it be health, home, or car insurance. People buy insurance policies for various reasons. Sometimes, the law mandates the purchase of these policies while the other times they are just a choice.

  2. This is true, Ashi, and that’s exactly why the InVEST program is so important. If we can educate future insurance consumers now, they’ll be better prepared to make these critical decisions and choices when the time comes.

  3. RV idaho…

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