Since starting a career in the insurance industry, I’ve come to understand the importance of having proper insurance coverages and the consequences those face without it. Even in some of my favorite books, shows, and movies the characters could have greatly benefited from having the right insurance coverages. I have been a Harry Potter fanatic since I was a child, but reading the series now as an adult, I realize that almost all of the characters would have benefited from some form of insurance protection (in the non-magical world, at least.)

Auto Insurance. Auto coverage would have definitely came in handy when Ron and Harry crashed Mr. Weasley’s flying car into the Whomping Willow tree. However, most auto insurance policies specify the number of wheels a vehicle must have, so Harry’s broom probably would not have been covered.

Thankfully, when we accidentally hit trees, they don’t fight back. Nonetheless, the damage to cars can be extremely costly, especially newer cars full of technology, and having the proper coverage can help alleviate those costs.

Homeowners Insurance. Speaking of the Weasley’s, their beautiful home was destroyed by a fire caused by the Death Eaters. If only we could repair fire damages with magic! Instead, we must purchase insurance policies to protect against these damages. For tips on how to prevent house fires, read “Extinguish the Chance of a House Fire.”

Life Insurance. Any Harry Potter fan can name one of the many tragic deaths that occur during the series, some that left children behind. When Harry’s parents died, they were able to leave him enough money to survive and to fund his education. Without those funds, Harry may not have been able to attend Hogwarts (and eventually save the wizarding world). For us mere muggles, it’s important to set up a fund or invest in a life insurance policy to take care of our loved ones.

Disability Insurance. Arthur Weasley worked extremely long hours at the Ministry of Magic, but what happened after he was attacked by Lord Voldemort’s snake and spent weeks in the hospital? Hopefully he had a disability insurance policy in place to provide financial protection for him and his family while he was out of work.

Be sure to find out if your employer offers disability coverages. If not, consider speaking to your independent agent about buying an individual disability insurance plan.

Commercial Liability Insurance. Fred and George Weasley definitely would have benefited from a commercial liability policy that protects a business against third-party claims. Being in the business of creating and selling treats that caused vomiting and rashes meant they were exposed to many potential lawsuits.

While we are more likely to need protection for liabilities such as customer slip-and-falls or property damages, a commercial policy is useful to any small business.

Even in the wizarding world, it’s obvious certain insurance coverages could have provided peace of mind and financial protection for many of the characters. Here in the muggle world, we are faced with many unforeseen circumstances where an insurance policy could help alleviate the financial consequences. Talk to your independent agent to learn more about the coverages that are right for you!

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  1. Wish we could have insured that mansion!

  2. Cost sharing is an alternative that suites younger people.

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