Can you believe it? Here we are, already in the month of February, which happens to be Insurance Careers Month! To tell you a little bit about myself, I have worked 22 years in the insurance industry. I know that’s a very long time, but the good news is, I have enjoyed it! I personally have seen how insurance careers are both rewarding and diverse. And we have some fun too!

I started as a claims adjuster where I investigated how accidents happened, determined if there was coverage for them, and I have approved a significant amount of money to be paid over the years. I really liked helping policyholders get back to “normal” after they had a loss. After eight years of doing that, I decided to become a personal lines underwriter!

Do you know what that is? If you don’t, you wouldn’t be alone!  Even my family isn’t really sure what I do at work every day!  I think this comic sums it up pretty well:

So, do I really think I’m a superhero?

That would be extreme. As you can see, even my mom didn’t think that! But there are days that leave you feeling “super” about what you’ve accomplished.

Today was one of those days! One of my agency partners called with a concern about a customer’s price increase due to a loss. One of the roles of an underwriter is to be fair and consistent to everyone. We agreed the charge for the loss could not be removed; however, I was able to uncover a discount that could be applied to help offset the premium change. Creative problem-solving is one of my favorite parts of the job!

Evaluating risk and determining the best coverage options based on a policyholder’s unique needs is another role I enjoy. Did you know that different insurance companies do not offer the same coverage for their policyholders?  The company I work for offers several valuable coverages that are company-specific. This can make a big difference in what types of losses will be covered and what amounts might be paid when a customer has a loss.

An underwriter specializes in understanding insurance coverage and the products that are unique to their company. We also work with our agency partners and set goals for writing and maintaining profitable business. One of the perks for an underwriter is to get out of the office and travel! In my opinion, meeting in person with our agency partners is one of the most rewarding roles.

Hopefully now you can see why I have enjoy working in the insurance industry. Will you join us?  If you are interested, I recommend you check out the OII (Ohio Insurance Institute) website,

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