We put a significant amount of trust into our independent insurance agents to advise us on how to protect our most important assets. But can you imagine George Clooney as your agent? How about Evel Knievel? Take a look at these A-listers who once worked in the insurance industry.

Colonel Sanders

Before getting into the fried chicken business, Harland Sanders actually sold insurance door-to-door in Indiana. He used these sales skills to start his Kentucky Fried Chicken empire around age 65.

Steve Harvey

Before he started hosting Family Feud and becoming a millionaire, Steve Harvey spent some time struggling financially. He took a job selling life insurance and was living in his car to save money.

George Clooney

Before his fame and fortune came as a television and movie actor, George Clooney worked as an insurance salesman.  He stated in an interview that his experiences working in insurance really helped him with his acting career.

Anne Rice

The famous author of “Interview with the Vampire” worked as a claims processor before she began writing. I wonder what types of crazy claims inspired her work!

Tom Clancy

Speaking of authors, Tom Clancy owned an insurance agency before he began writing his novels. Both he and his wife worked as insurance agents before Tom decided to try his hand at writing thrillers.

Evel Knievel

I’m sure breaking every bone in your body would really emphasize the need for insurance. In the 1960s, after breaking his collarbone and shoulder in an accident, Evel Knievel began selling insurance in Chicago.

Gene Simmons

Unlike the other celebrities on this list, Gene Simmons actually started working in the insurance industry after he became famous. The famous KISS singer got into the game just a few years ago. He now sells life insurance for the wealthy.

If I were you, I would get your insurance agent’s autograph now – you never know where they could end up!


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