Throughout my years in high school and college, the thought of entering the insurance field had never crossed my mind. During that time, I was fully consumed into wanting to join the military and go off on some grand adventure. As fate would have it, I was taken down a different journey for my career path, one that involved both the military and the insurance industry.

Shortly after graduating college with a degree in criminal justice and a commission as an Officer in the Ohio Army National Guard, I began looking for work within the criminal justice field. While I was looking for employment in the civilian sector, I worked as a recruiter for the army for approximately six months before taking a full time job as an asset protection leader for a large retail chain. I quickly learned that job was not for me and I desperately wanted to find another career that I enjoyed and was closer to home.

Fortunately, at that same time, my dear mother who was working at Central told me about a position they were hiring for in the Claims Department. Up until that point, I had never once considered entering into the insurance profession but after doing a little research on Central and what the job entailed, I decided it would be a great company to work for and applied. A short time later, I was hired on as a multi-lines claim representative for Central. While in that role, I began to learn what the insurance industry was all about and was hooked on wanting to learn more. I was also surprised to see how much my criminal justice degree was related too much of the work I was doing within claims. After five years in claims, I was hired on as a loss control representative with Central. Within that role, I was able to utilize risk management skills learned within the military along with my claim experiences to survey businesses and get a better understanding of the risks associated at the various commercial accounts we insured.

Although my initial career goals were not oriented toward insurance as a profession, I am very glad and blessed to have ended up working within the industry. As I look back on my path into insurance, I couldn’t be happier with my career choice and being a part of the Central team!

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  1. Great Blog Cory & Thank you for your service to your country!!!

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