What if your home were damaged or destroyed by a fire, theft or natural disaster? When it comes time to file the claim with your insurance company, will you be able to list every item that was in every room of your home, along with it’s estimated value ?  If you’re like me, the answer is no! But that’s exactly what your insurance agent will need to file your claim and assure you receive a fair settlement.  This is why you should have a Household Inventory.  Completing a Household Inventory now assures you’ll have this valuable information when you need it most. It’s an easy process.  First, watch our informative video on the whys and hows of completing an inventory, then get started today!

Do you already have a household inventory?  Have you ever had to use it? Share your experience and your advice here!

2 responses to “Household Inventory: The Why and The How of It”

  1. excellent information keep up your good work thanks.

    1. Thanks! Look for more informative videos to come!

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