Good Vibes Only: Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace

Bust That Bad MoodHave you ever met someone who always seems to be in a great mood? It seems no matter what may come their way, they shake it off and move on. Or maybe you’ve seen just the opposite; someone who is always down and despite your efforts to bring up their spirits, they don’t budge.

Truth is, you’re likely going to experience both of these characters in the workplace. So what can you do to keep the balance and atmosphere as positive as possible? My advice is to keep it SIMPLE.

Smile: It’s human nature to smile back at someone if they smile at you so start the smile chain first!

Ingest Water: Drink plenty of water every single day. It’s recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces each day and I challenge you to do just that. You’ll probably feel better!

Music: If you’re anything like me, music can lighten your mood and reduce stress. So put in some earbuds, choose uplifting music, and feel the tension melt away.

Positive Quotes: Think of a quote you’ve heard that just seemed to strike a chord with you. Post it in your office or share it with someone else in your department; it may be just what they need as well.

Limit “Bad Vibes”: Remove yourself from any negative talk that may occur. Not only does this help your own mood but it will also send a message to the others that their behavior isn’t productive.

Exercise: Sitting down all day can affect you physically and mentally. If you feel yourself hitting a wall, get up and move or take a walk. Exercise releases endorphins, a natural mood booster!

I hope my daily practices can help you brighten your day and keep the positive vibes going in your office. Please share some of your favorite quotes, tips, and tricks in the comments below!


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