The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. People are stocking up on food, drinks, and fireworks. Fireworks are known for being fun and loud, but they can also be very dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe if you plan on lighting off fireworks over the holiday:

  • Light off fireworks in a flat, open area. Try to stay away from houses, barns, and trees in case the firework were to malfunction.
  • Check state laws. Fireworks may be illegal where you live. It is helpful to do your research.
  • Safety first. Keep fireworks away from children and never point a firework at another person. Wear eye protection to avoid any unwanted injuries.
  • Be prepared. Check with your independent insurance agent to see if your home or excess policy would cover any fires or injuries that may occur because of fireworks.

Keep these tips in mind over the holiday to be safe and have fun!

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One response to “Fireworks Safety Tips for the 4th”

  1. Great and timely post. Stay away from the illegal fireworks from an insurance perspective. While your homeowners policy will cover you for legal fireworks when used properly, there is an exclusion on most policies that will deny a claim for illegal activities. They will not cover you should your illegal fireworks cause damage or bodily injury to someone else.

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