Four Leaf CloverWhen I was a child, one of my favorite childhood activities was to search for four-leaf clovers in my yard. Some people may think that it is pure luck when you find a four-leaf clover, and of course there is some truth to that, but even at a young age I was able to figure out that there was more to it than that. Besides from luck, it also took a little skill in knowing the best spots in the yard to search. These spots were reliable, time after time, for a successful four-leaf clover hunt.

Discovering “lucky” four-leaf clovers is really no different from finding a great company to do your business with. Think about it. We’ve all had “lucky” moments in life when we were able to secure some sort of great service for our needs: a doctor with an amazing office staff, an insurance agent that is there for you when you need them the most, a credit card company with low-interest rates, no annual fees, and stellar fraud protection. We claim that we are “so lucky”, right? But just like finding the highly coveted four-leaf clovers, it took more than luck.

We secured doing business with these companies because of their awesome reputations. We heard positive word-of-mouth affirmations about their customer service, the benefits that they provide for their customers, and their dependability in providing care to us when we need it the most. As consumers, we were able to clearly see the benefits in partnering with these businesses and we actively sought them out because we wanted to experience their remarkable level of customer service for ourselves.

It might take a bit of luck to get an appointment with the doctor who has the amazing office staff or with the highly faithful insurance agent who has the capacity to take on another client. But more important than that, it takes the reliability and dependability of those organizations and the services they provide to their clients for us to want to be their customers. I don’t know about you, but when I find a company like that I get super excited. I am the lady that exclaims to all of her family and friends that I am “so lucky”. Think about your own customer service experiences. I hope each one of you have been “so lucky” too!

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