Exploring the Many Options in myCentral®

myCentral is a convenient and secure option for managing your insurance information, anytime, anywhere. In addition to reporting a claim, accessing ID cards and roadside assistance information, viewing your policy, and finding resources for your home or business, myCentral offers a variety of options to manage and pay your bill.

  • Add a Billing Account or Policy – when you enroll in myCentral, we combine your policies into one billing account (if applicable). If you add a new policy after enrollment, or if we missed a policy, you can easily add it by providing the policy or billing account number.
  • Change/Update EFT – in addition to providing a hands-free and worry-free solution, EFT means no stamps, no mail delays, no checks to write, and NO SERVICE FEES! You can easily associate your bank account with your premium payment and opt-in for text reminders about EFT payments via the myCentral Message Center.
  • Auto Credit Card Options – this offers most of the same benefits as EFT, but we charge the payment to a credit card instead of withdrawing it from a bank account. The primary difference? Installment service fees apply to credit card transactions (we pass along the charges we incur). You can manage your credit and debit cards within myCentral.
  • Enroll in E-Billing – by selecting this option, you will receive an e-mail or text notification when your current bill is available on our website instead of a notice via snail mail. When you enroll in both E-billing and E-policy, you’ll receive a $5 credit per policy!
  • Change Payment Plan – Central offers annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly pay plans. Life happens, so we make it easy for you to change your plan.
  • Change Due Date – many people like to control the day of the month that their payments are made, and you can certainly manage that in myCentral.
  • Future Bill Schedule and Billing and Payment History are each just a click away for those planning ahead or looking back. There is no need to retain paper files when this information is securely stored and available anytime, anywhere.

Recent myCentral visitors shared this feedback about their experience using the Billing and Payment Options in myCentral:

  • “Easiest site to understand and use I’ve experienced.”
  • “I appreciate the flexibility with pre-scheduling payments, it is a huge convenience.”
  • “I love the website and the company.”
  • “Security is upon sign in, is good and safe, payments are easy to make and an agent is just a call away. Thank you for your service.”
  • “Very well-done website. Easy to navigate and clearly explained.”
  • “This is the one website I can use without any problem.”
  • “Thank you for making it easy to use and follow.”
  • “Always a user-friendly experience.”
  • “Everything is great!”
  • “I’m happy…it was easy!”
  • “Entire process was excellent.”
  • “It was easy to check billing and pay bill.”
  • “The experience was great.”
  • “The site was very easy to find everything. Compared to some sites, it was a pleasure.”
  • “This was so easy to understand and follow!!”
  • “Very simple website to use.”
  • “Works great for me, simple & easy.”
  • “You folks are doing a great job during this change from the ‘normal.’ Keep up the good work!”

If you haven’t already, enroll in myCentral so you can access these features at your convenience. Of course, you can access myCentral on your computer, tablet, or phone. The myCentral mobile app is available for download on the iTunes store or on Google Play.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Technology Support department at 800-786-4628 or click the “Need Help?” link in the upper right-hand corner of your myCentral account screen. If you don’t have a myCentral account, click here to get started!

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