claims-repI am a multi-line claim representative who has been with my company for three years. I started in insurance right out of college, following in my father’s footsteps. He has been in the insurance industry for decades!

What drew me to the insurance industry was the ability to help people and give them peace of mind. I have been in claims my entire insurance career and find it rewarding. Being a claims representative is not an easy job. It can have long and stressful hours. As a multi-line representative, I handle all types of claims from personal automobile accidents to commercial vehicle losses to personal and commercial property damage claims and liability claims. There is a lot that goes into this and no day and no claim is ever the same.

It makes it all worth it to help someone in their greatest time of need. Claims is the department within insurance that can explain to policyholders and claimants how and why their policy applies given the facts of a particular loss event. My greatest days and accomplishments are when I can truly help someone get through a difficult situation or time in their life due to a loss. The Claims department is here to explain the processes needed to investigate a loss for coverage and to resolve a covered loss in a reasonable amount of time. When a loss occurs it is usually a new and very stressful experience for whomever is directly affected by the loss. We are here to guide and help you through this experience and do everything in our power to ease the burden and fulfill the promise to our policyholders. I am grateful and appreciative that I can help the public on a daily basis during some difficult and stressful situations.

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