College campuses are holding graduation ceremonies all over the country.   It’s an exciting time for students as they search for employment and start a career, and one of the most important things they can do is start out on the right foot.  So whether you are one of those students just entering the working world, or you’re an old pro looking for ways to improve your performance at your present job, these tips can help you jump start your success.

  1. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Your boss is a busy person and what he or she really needs is someone who is able to manage themselves once trained.  Keep your boss informed and become someone they won’t have to worry about.
  2. Learn all you can.  Regardless of your career choice you will need to keep learning, developing, and growing just to keep up in our world today.
  3. Focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have.  Show appreciation for the opportunity even if it isn’t exactly what you expected.   What you learn from this position will help you prepare for your dream job.
  4. Dress for success.  You may think how you look shouldn’t matter if you work hard.  The reality is that people do notice your appearance.  It doesn’t have to cost big bucks, just some time and effort.
  5. Care about your co-workers and the company enough to get to know them.  Be approachable and willing to share your talents with everyone around you.
  6. Ask for feedback and then be willing to listen and act on what you hear. Thank people for being honest with you.
  7. Don’t be satisfied with just meeting expectations.  Once you are meeting expectations, talk to your employer about ways you can “raise the bar.”
  8. Play fair.  You want to be paid for your hard work so you should also be willing to come in on time, use company resources wisely, and follow policies.

Remember, succeeding in your position is really just common sense mixed with commitment.  Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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