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Has a service provider or company asked you to go paperless or to sign up for e-billing?

If you haven’t been asked this, I would be genuinely surprised. In today’s world, paper statements are becoming a thing of the past. Have you ever thought about why companies are pushing the idea of paperless billing? Here are a few great reasons:

  1. It saves money! No, it’s not just the company that saves money. It saves money for you, too! If you receive your bill in the mail, chances are that you probably pay postage to mail in your payment as well. When you receive e-bills, they typically include a link that you can easily click on to make your payment online which saves you postage. Have you ever received your bill late due to a postal service issue? Or, maybe your bill was lost in the mail. Unfortunately, companies have little control over the journey of your bill once it leaves the building. Regardless, you could incur fees if your payment is late. When you receive e-bills, you are more likely to make your payment on time and avoid those fees.
  2. It reduces clutter! Paperless billing reduces clutter for both the company and you! Companies no longer have to keep endless reams of paper and envelopes on hand. I have a whole drawer of statements in my filing cabinet at home of different billing statements. When you receive e-bills, you can create different folders in your e-mail to keep track of bills once you have paid them. Since signing up for e-bill myself, I realized how much space I can save.
  3. It saves time! E-billing is certainly a time saver! It is much easier to click on the e-mail that contains your e-bill and pay it right then and there versus opening the envelope, sorting through the pages in the billing statement, writing a check, stuffing the envelope, buying a stamp, mailing your payment, and filing the statement. Have you ever been traveling and missed a bill? With paperless billing, this shouldn’t be a problem. Most people have access to their e-mail through their phones or computers while they are traveling and can take care of those bills right away. When you come home from vacation, the last thing you want to do is sit down and sort through a bunch of bills!
  4. It saves the environment! Paperless billing is just that – paperless! Reducing the amount of paper used saves trees. It also helps for reducing the speed in which landfills grow.

There are many beneficial perks to signing up for e-billing. It saves money, saves time, and reduces clutter. It also saves the environment! I finally have most of my accounts set up for paperless billing. I don’t like the clutter, and I also tend to forget about bills if I get them in the mail. Now, I typically flag e-bills in my e-mail until I pay them so that there is a constant reminder that I still owe someone money!

Have you signed up for paperless billing or e-billing yet? If you haven’t, give it a chance!

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