I discovered my fascination for computers and technology at a very young age. I was the go-to family member for fixing all of the tech problems; from hooking up the VCR to reviving the ancient laptop that suddenly stopped working. The fascination turned into an occupation after I attended Bluffton University and received my degree in information technology. I started working for a manufacturing facility for several years where I honed in on my skills as a developer.

Up until then, I had never even considered working in insurance until a relative mentioned that Central Insurance Companies had an opening that I should check out. A short time later, I found myself working in the insurance industry as a Personal Lines Developer in the Information Technology (IT) Department at Central. The number of applications we create and maintain are numerous, and there is always something new to learn which makes working in IT one of the most interesting fields in insurance. The systems we maintain are constantly improving include quoting, integrating with vendors, comparative raters, and systems for managing policies just to name a few.

While I certainly never made plans to work in the insurance industry, I’m glad I ended up at Central. I love being a part of making our systems easier to use to save everyone time and to provide an excellent experience for an outstanding company.

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