To get passionate customers, you need passionate employees.  Employees must be empowered to do the right thing and be willing to walk a mile in their customers’ shoes. After all, your customers not only have an interest in your product, but also in your employees.

Studies show if you have strong and positive mentors, you will be strong and positive yourself. I believe this is incredibly true!  This kind of positive attitude starts with the CEO and trickles down into the company’s workforce. For those who have a position in which others look to you (manager, supervisor, etc), the pressure is on!  Those who work for you or with you are likely to take on your attitude; “Happy Hildas” can effect a happy, productive group of employees.  “Debbie Downers,” not so much.

Here’s how to be a Happy Hilda and avoid Debbie Downer:

  • Say “Hello. “One word, amazing results! 
  • Stay positive. We all have bad days and not one person’s life is the same as anyone else’s.  So if you come across someone having a Debbie Downer day, try to be sympathetic, but be careful not to overstep your boundaries or let it bring you down. 
  • Be grateful. Life is full of challenges and some people have bad luck, but everyone has something to be grateful for.  When you’re in a bad mood try to think of five things that make you smile.
  • Take an interest. Taking an interest in an internal or external customer’s life helps build rapport and makes that person feel important.
  • Take time to really listen. If you listen to not only what someone is saying but how they’re saying it, you will understand not only what they’re saying but how they’re feeling.
  • Give positive reinforcement. When an internal or external customer does something and they do it right, give them praise.  For example, if you are helping your customer sign on to your website and they didn’t think they’d be able to figure it out, be sure to praise them once they do!

 We all have control over our attitudes.  Are you a Debbie Downer or a Happy Hilda?

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