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February is a great month! February 14th is Valentine’s Day, which usually involves lots of chocolate, flowers, and other goodies. However, February is also Insurance Careers Month!

I am a Customer Service Correspondent on the Extended Hours shift. Our department is relatively new. It was officially established at the start of 2016. Our shift is interesting as we work from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. I wouldn’t say this shift is for everyone, but being a 20-year-old college student, I love the flexibility! I love to sleep in – I think many at my age do – and I have a great job that allows me to do this all during the week. Before work (on days that I don’t sleep in), I am able to go to the gym and get in a workout, go grocery shopping, go to doctor appointments, and more. It is great to have that extra time in the morning to take care of some errands.

Part of working a later shift allows us to better service some of our agents and customers out west. We are able to help them file claims and make payments, answer billing questions, and we are even able to help agents with endorsement requests! Like many, I didn’t set out to work in the insurance industry. I was working at a local restaurant when I decided to apply for a job that would allow me to have a more consistent work schedule and greater opportunities. I did not know anything about insurance when I was hired in, but I have learned so much already.

I love working in Customer Service. I enjoy learning, and this is one of many departments in insurance where you are constantly learning new things. Getting to interact with different agents and customers all across the country is so much fun. No two days are ever the same, and I adore the people I work with. I love getting to make a positive difference in someone’s day, even if it’s just during a five-minute phone call. I never imagined myself working in insurance, but it has become one of my most rewarding experiences.

If you have never considered going into the insurance industry, I highly recommend looking into it! The opportunities are endless.

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  1. Another awesome write-up Madie! And very true, working in the insurance industry was never something I thought about doing, I never thought I would say “I love my job.”

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