10570873-1600x2400Communication, and understanding its importance, is paramount to the success of any business. Proper communication skills are just as important in each of our individual lives as well. We’ve all dealt with a person or business that possessed less than adequate communication skills. I’ve certainly had my fair share of those experiences. When I hang up the phone or walk away from those types of situations, I generally feel really frustrated and upset. It leaves a “bad taste in my mouth” and I’m no longer inclined to deal with that particular individual or company again anytime soon.

However, we’ve also all had those moments when someone’s communication skills really “wowed” us! A coworker recently told me about a purchase she made; she had to call the company to help her with the installation of the new item in her home. While it was a lengthy process, my friend claimed the outstanding communication skills of her customer service representative actually made it a pleasant experience.

Excellent communication skills are useful in difficult situations as well. One of these times actually just happened to my parents who were involved in a car accident, a first in my lifetime. Thankfully everyone involved walked away uninjured, but it was still a very trying and uneasy time for my parents.  However, my parents’ anxieties were almost completely squelched from the moment they first contacted their insurance agent. He was able to put their fears to rest by communicating to them that he was there to help. He was also highly skilled at listening and recognizing my parents’ needs, even though they were undoubtedly rattled and not at their best during that traumatic time.

Today, my parents rave about the wonderful, helpful, and easy experience they had because of their insurance agent, even though the event itself was troubling. Effective communication skills clearly saved the day in that situation. Their agent’s excellent communication skills helped turn a frightening situation into a positive memory. Can you think of any time, in your own life, where communication skills have made a positive impact?

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