Bust that Bad Mood!

Bust That Bad MoodSome days you wake up to a beautiful day with a smile on your face, then something goes wrong and instantly your mood changes. Or sometimes you wake up in a dark, dreary mood and simply do not want to get out of bed. Regardless of what put you in this bad mood, you need to get it out of your system so things can start looking brighter. I know we’ve all had these days so I thought I’d find some tips on how to move that bad mood out the door and welcome the sunshine!

  • You’ve Got to Move it, Move it – exercise can boost your mood by relieving tension, raising energy and increasing optimism.
  • Treat Yourself – hot bubble bath, warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee, homemade facial, little gift from the store…the littlest things could give you the boost you need.
  • Say Cheese – surround yourself with photographs of people and things you love. I have many pictures displayed at work, in my home, on my phone, etc. These aren’t just for showing off my adorable nieces and nephews or my amazing family and friends, they’re also for lifting my spirits. One look at them and I instantly feel my facial muscles pushing out a smile!
  • Sniff certain scents – inhaling the scent of orange or lavender can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.
  • Go somewhere quiet – even if it’s just the office bathroom, taking a few minutes to sit in a quiet space can do wonders.
  • Get some sun – a boost of vitamin D can keep the blues away. Head outside for a brisk walk around the block. If that’s not possible, station yourself near a window for a few minutes (and ignore stares from co-workers).
  • Do some yoga – a few hip openers might be the answer to a brighter day. Think it’s impossible to do yoga in a cubicle or other small work space? Think again.
  • Laugh – there’s no possible way you can have the giggles and still be in a bad mood.
  • My favorite…Jam to the Beat – when I need a little pick-me-up I crank up the tunes and sing (if you can call it that) at the top of my lungs!

Moods are contagious, so do yourself and those around you a favor and make your mood positive and upbeat! There are so many other ways you can bust that bad mood. What’s your secret?

3 Comments on “Bust that Bad Mood!

  1. When I feel myself going down – reading an inspirational quote or bible verse lifts my spririts! I also try and share them with the people in my life that need a boost too! Thanks for the other ideas…

  2. Love Jamming to the beat with my kids when I’m cranky. Their “moves” are hilarious…..

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