Birthday Kindness All Year Long

Having just celebrated my 26th birthday, I was overwhelmed with love and affection. With all of the cards, phone calls, and kind words, I was very flattered.  That little extra attention truly made me feel special and I thought to myself, how could I feel like this every day? Better yet, how can I make someone else feel this way? This made me think of a quote I once heard. “Treat everyone as if today was their birthday.” What a simple yet powerful message!

Could you imagine if every day we treated others as if it were their birthday? Regardless if it’s a customer at work or just a friend or family member, what a feeling they would have. One state of mind could make a world of difference, not only in business but in your personal lives as well. Here are three steps we can all take in our busy days to treat everyone as if it were their birthday.

  1. Smile. Smile at everyone you see. This could truly be the birthday gift that keeps on giving. You smile at someone, they smile back, and then they smile at the next person, and so on. This creates a positive reaction, not to mention releasing those feel good endorphins!
  2. Express appreciation. Tell someone how much you appreciate their time with a question at work or maybe to someone who held the door for you. Anyone who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected of them.
  3. Use kind words. Gifts do not have to be monetary. Simply telling others something sweet will mean just as much, if not more, as buying them something.

You see, you can celebrate a birthday any day, every day. You don’t need an extravagant cake or dozens of balloons to do it. A simple smile or kind words will not only lift up someone else but you as well! So whether you’re working with customers or just at home with your family, I challenge you to treat everyone as if it was their birthday.

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