Avoid the “bugs” this holiday season

Washing HandsIt’s no surprise that with the cooler temperatures comes bugs and viruses. You can take your vitamins and wash your hands all you want, but you still may not prevent the ba-humbugs of the holiday season.

Keeping your spirits bright can be tricky when your friends and family aren’t quite in the holiday mood. Keeping that feeling of hope and joy does so much more than just get you through the holidays; it can alter your perception and even make a difference all year long. Below are three helpful tips to keep you healthy and bug-free all year around!

  1. Wash your hands. With a real flu bug, washing your hands of germs will prevent illness. And just like the real flu, washing your hands of negative people or situations can have the same effect. Make the conscious act to rid yourself or significantly decrease your exposure to negativity and watch how your spirit and outlook on life can change dramatically.
  2. Take vitamins. Vitamins are full of nutrients that we need to stay healthy. Take your vitamins for good spirit as well. Read inspiring stories/quotes, practice healthy meditation and stress relief, and you’ll be sure to build up your immunity to negativity.
  3. Go to the doctor. We all know going to the doctor is the most effective way to treat/cure an illness. So what does going to the doctor for your overall mood mean? It means talking things out with someone you know and trust to help keep you on the right path to overall mental health.

Maintaining a good mood and spirit can have an everlasting impression on you as well as your family and those you choose to surround yourself with. Here’s hoping these health tips bring positivity into your life as we move into the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t be afraid to let your holiday spirit shine bright and be sure not to catch any bugs! Feel free to share your tips on keeping a positive outlook.

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