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So COVID-19 has turned you into a remote worker. Maybe you’ve always wanted to work at home. Or maybe you miss your coworkers. It’s an adjustment. Here are some tips that
can help you enjoy your new work environment.

  • Set up your work station. Find a place at home that’s away from family foot traffic. Have a comfortable desk and chair at the proper height to sit up straight and keep typing from hurting your wrists. You’ll need a strong wireless signal. Or, if your computer is hard-wired, you’ll need to be near a router. If you have a laptop, you might have more than one workspace within your home and you’ll be able to move around.
  • Set yourself up with as much quiet time as possible. If you have kids at home, you may need to give them some projects or fun and educational things to do while you’re working. Ask household members to try not to interrupt you during work hours. You can try to stick to a somewhat regular work schedule. But remember, you’re at home now—and so is the rest of your family—so everyone needs to be flexible.
  • Set up remote meetings. You can still collaborate with your colleagues. You can now meet over the phone in one-on-one conversations, conference calls or online
    meetings. And if your employer has access to tools that allow video calls, that’s the next best thing to talking in person. It will be even more special to connect and see
    each other now.
  • Set up some focus time. It can be helpful to block off time to focus on a project or get caught up with work. This could include setting an e-mail auto-response that states when you’ll be available to respond and how coworkers can reach you with an urgent issue.
  • Set your favorite playlist on repeat. Love to work to music? This is your chance to set up your favorite playlist to get into your “zone” without disturbing your coworkers. Your new remote work set-up could last a while. So for now, enjoy skipping the commute.

Small adjustments can really help you get up to speed in your new workplace.


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2 responses to “Adjusting to Remote Work”

  1. Miriam Villalobos Avatar
    Miriam Villalobos

    Are you making credit adjustments to policies for people working from home and not driving the cars for over a month now?

    1. Shelly Eickholt Avatar
      Shelly Eickholt

      Central has taken proactive measures to assist our policyholders during these challenging times. Please contact our billing team at 800-786-9052 or your independent agent to discuss the options available to address your current needs. Thank you.

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