business peopleI’m often asked what I do on a daily basis, usually after I try to explain what a marketing manager is. Before I can answer those questions, I have to explain that I do not sell insurance. Instead, marketing managers are the face of the insurance carrier to our agency partners.

When I meet someone for the first time, this is how the conversation typically goes:

“So, you live in Nashville. What do you do?”

“Well, I am in insurance.”

“Oh cool, what kind of insurance do you sell?”

Nine times out of ten that’s exactly, and I mean exactly, how the conversation goes. I try to explain what I do a few different ways but I guess you have to be in insurance, or married to someone in insurance, to really get it. So, I’m going to clear a few things up by giving you an idea of what a typical day of an insurance marketing manager looks like. Are you ready? Good!

  • First things first,  I make sure my e-mail is organized. My job includes a lot of time on the road in between agency calls. No one wants a pile of e-mail to come home to.
  • Then, I prepare for my daily appointments. This is one of the most important aspects of the job; solid organization and preparation = efficiency and productivity. Typically, I plan and organize of all of my appointments for the upcoming week during an office day.
  • Next, I pack my computer. No matter what, I always need to be prepared to quote an account in an agent’s office.
  • It’s better to be really early than late so I always need to plan my route and account for traffic.
  • During the agency call, I can be any or all of the following: liaison, troubleshooter, problem-solver, teacher, underwriter, coach, and even sometimes a motivational speaker. Agents expect us to be professional, respectful, and polite.
  • I find the most successful days are when an agency learns of our products, trains on our systems, understands the value of relationships, and appreciates the partnership we have with one another.

You see, everyday might start out the same but each day is completely different. The life of a marketing manager is fun and engaging; there’s always something to learn and adapt to in the ever-changing insurance landscape. The best part is success can be achieved on a daily basis! Are you in a job that is difficult to explain? If so, I would love to hear your story in the comments below!

4 responses to “A Day in the Life of an Insurance Marketing Manager”

  1. Nice job Luke! Very funny and interesting!

  2. Great write up and very humorous! I enjoyed learning about your role.

  3. Hi.. can u tell me what an agency call is?

    1. Hi Anbu,
      An agency call is simply when someone from an insurance carrier, like a marketing manager from Central, calls an agency to communicate with them, whether it’s a scheduled call set-up like a meeting, or a random call just to check-in.

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