With my wedding just around the corner, my fiancé and I recently spent time honeymoon shopping. We searched online for a while, assuming that was the cheapest route, but quickly became overwhelmed by all of our options. We decided to talk to a travel agent just to see what they suggested, and now I wish we would have done it sooner. Here are a few reasons why.

They do all the work for you.

Once you tell the travel agent your budget and give them a few details on what you want your vacation to be like, your work is basically done. They do all of the research to find amenities that best match what you’re looking for and will give you multiple options to choose from. They even book everything for you! All you have to do is look at the options provided, choose what best suits you, and they will do the rest.

They offer a great variety of travel insurance.

When you book a trip through a travel agency, you have the option of purchasing travel insurance that is tailored to your needs. The travel insurance that we purchased allows us to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before our flight, which includes a full refund. It also provides emergency medical insurance while we’re abroad.

They can save you money.

Travel agencies have connections with hotels, resorts, airlines, etc. and receive discounts that aren’t offered online. Some travel agencies don’t even charge a fee for their time spent researching and booking your trip because they receive monetary kickbacks from the companies they work with.

They’re available to help 24/7.

If anything goes wrong during your trip, the travel agency is just one call away. Whether your flight is delayed or canceled, the hotel or resort you’re staying at is overbooked, or you’re just looking for something fun to do, their priority is to make sure you have a great trip. The agent that booked our honeymoon even mentioned she would be giving us her personal cell phone number so we can reach her at any time!

They are already familiar with your destination.

Travel agents book trips for a living, so they’ve probably already planned a trip or two (hopefully more) to where you’re staying. That means they’ve done the necessary research and have the inside scoop on where to go and what to do during your trip.

There are so many other perks of booking a trip through a travel agency, but these are just a few. From the insurance options, convenience, and time and money saved, I won’t ever try to book an elaborate trip without a travel agent again!

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  1. That’s good to know that travel agents would have lots of information about your destination. I could see why that would be useful if they could show you places to stay or good restaurants to eat at. I’ll consider using a travel agent to help me plan out my next trip.

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