3 Ways to Keep A Positive Spirit After the Holidays

The holiday season is finally over. While the stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas seem incredibly chaotic, it almost seems busier after the holiday rush is through. Everyone is back to return or exchange gifts that were maybe the wrong color or size, or they just didn’t want it. Customer service is just as important during the post-holiday season as it was before.
 On the days leading up to Christmas, I avoided the big stores thanks to some warnings on Facebook from friends of mine. However, I did venture out to get some groceries the day after Christmas and it was much busier than I ever could have imagined! I walked past the Customer Service desk, and there was a line a mile long! As I was standing near the long line and glancing around, it became clear that many other shoppers were growing impatient. There were numerous cashiers trying to do the exchanges and returns quickly, but not quick enough to keep up with the growing line. During the holiday season, I feel as though there is an emphasis on giving and caring about others. Why can’t we extend this spirit to the rest of year? Below I have listed a few tips on keeping this spirit year-round.

  • Volunteer: I always feel so great when I have volunteered my time or money to a charity. If you don’t have money to donate, donate your time! Many charities and organizations just need helping hands.
  • Appreciate: I find that I sometimes take my family and my possessions for granted. I have so many luxuries that I do not even think about, such as a roof over my head, running water, and electricity.
  • Remain Positive: Many people can get down in the winter months after the holiday season. I think that keeping a positive attitude can really have an influence on others and make you feel better all-around.

Do you have any personal stories of crazy shopping trips before or after the holiday? How do you keep your positive spirit? Feel free to share below!

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  1. Lovely post and beautifully written! One of the best ways to keep a positive spirit is to remain in contact with loved ones, not just during the holidays.

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