Don’t Discount Service During Black Friday Sales

BlackFridayThe turkey has been carved, there’s nothing left of the pie, and your jeans are fitting a little tighter than before. So what’s next? Some may relax inside watching football with their family, but some may brave the cold to endure the long lines and suffer through crowded stores. To do what, exactly? You guessed it – Black Friday shopping!

Black Friday shopping may be as much a tradition for your family as is the turkey on the table, but have you ever stopped to think what makes us want to endure those wintry, overcrowded conditions year after year and call it fun? As a shopper, do you ever ask yourself why you make a particular purchase, at a particular store?

The majority might agree it’s the great deals and low prices that lure us into the frenzy, but I like to think it’s a little something called customer service. I don’t mean the typical services of having the product we want, an organized checkout process, or even the low prices that are promised. I mean the feeling, the experience, and the memory that is created with such an event. To me, it’s the genuine smile and kind welcome when walking into the store, a warm conversation held about who I’m buying the gift for, or maybe it’s the spirited associate who’s singing Christmas carols just to keep the children and shoppers smiling. All of these pieces create a shopping experience that I will keep with me for years to come.

Black Friday is multimillion-dollar business for many stores. This can be a direct result of the experiences they create for their customers; it’s those experiences that drive shoppers back to the same store year after year. And often times, it can be those same experiences that make shoppers exit a store and never return.

So when you find yourself braving the masses on the busiest shopping day of the year, step back and see why you make the choices you make as a shopper. And regardless of your role – as a shopper, a retailer or as a service representative – try to put yourself in the others’ shoes; is there anything you can offer, even a simple smile, to help make their experience one to remember?

I’d love to hear about your favorite Black Friday shopping memory! Please tell me your story in the comments below.

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