Be Our Guest: Customer Service at the Happiest Place on Earth

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start getting ready for those family vacations. When thinking about fun places to go for vacation, one destination pops up more commonly than any other, Walt Disney World. Often referred to as the happiest place on earth, Disney World has become the central hub for family fun in today’s society. It truly is its own little world, with something for every member of the family to enjoy. Old, young, married, or single, there is a plethora of things to do and see. Whether you are playing 18 holes on one of the many golf courses, driving race cars at the Richard Petty Speedway, losing yourself in the nightlife of Downtown Disney, or simply spending your days at the many theme parks, Disney World is an amazing place to visit.

I personally love going there and not just because I enjoy seeing my daughter’s face light up, but also because of the way they make you feel the minute you touch ground in Orlando. Everywhere you go in the parks, hotels, or even airports, you are sure to hear the same phrase uttered again and again, “Have a magical day.” Hey, even call them up to ask about vacation packages and I guarantee that you will hear someone say this to you. And it’s not just something that they are being paid to say.  For the most part, they genuinely want you to have a “magical” day.

So, why the commercial for Disney World? Well, it’s quite easy really. They know how to provide great customer service! Disney sets the standard for how we should treat people. They don’t refer to us as customers, they call us “guests.” Think about when you have a guest over to your home. You clean a little bit more, make sure that your house is presentable and you go out of your way to make sure that your guest has a great experience and that they want to come back. Disney is no different in this regard. When you visit Disney, you go to visit the house of the mouse and you better believe that they want you to come back.

As an example of what I am talking about, the first time I took my daughter to Disney World she was going to celebrate her fourth birthday while we were there (which also happened to be my birthday). As we’re checking in at the hotel, we were asked if it was anyone’s first visit, or if we were celebrating any special occasions. Being that it was my daughter’s birthday, as well as her first visit, she was given two buttons to wear so she could celebrate. I am not kidding you, every person we encountered from the food service staff, to the monorail operators and all the way up to Mickey himself, wished her a happy birthday. While shopping in the stores, the clerks noticed her buttons. As I was purchasing items they would call my daughter over, hand her the phone and tell her that someone had called asking for her. Once she put the receiver to her ear, Goofy or Donald Duck would wish her a happy birthday and explain how they were so excited that she had come to visit them. Little added touches like this made for a happy girl, which in turn made for happy parents.

Sure it’s an expensive place to go and the trip can sometimes be a hassle, but I never mind paying the money, or suffering the drive/flight. When a company treats you or your family the way Disney does, it’s easy to go out of your way to support them and their products. Now, it might be kinda weird if we all started wishing our customers a magical day. Out of context, they might think we were crazy. But what little ways can you think of to give your customers, or guests, that extra unique experience?

2 Comments on “Be Our Guest: Customer Service at the Happiest Place on Earth

  1. “…with something for every member of the family to enjoy.” I agree. I took my parents to Disneyworld a few years ago. My mother, who had insisted that Disney was for kids, shook hands with Mickey Mouse and promptly burst into tears!


    • My daughters first visit with Mickey was quite memorable for me as well. We usually keep close tabs on her, especially when she was 4, but upon seeing the giant mouse she ran towards him with arms open wide. Mickey just knelt down and gave her a giant hug!


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