Why We Do It

The other day, my daughter and I hopped into the car for a short drive across town. Being that it is January and very cold where I live, I cranked up the heat and turned on my seat warmer. This simple act was met by a chipmunk like voice in the back seat yelling, “That’s no fair! Where’s my butt warmer?!”

My daughter is seven and like many kids her age, is growing up in an amazing time period. Technology has come so very far since she was born and there are certainly no signs of it slowing down. We enjoy things today that our parents would have deemed “sci-fi” when we were kids. Currently, I don’t have to leave my house to rent a movie. I can pay a bill simply by snapping a picture of a check and texting it to my bank. My tablet device can control my T.V. and I can have a simultaneous video chat with my aunt who lives in Arizona and my uncle who lives in Washington D.C. Short of flying cars, we are the Jetsons.

New advancements have also led to new ways in which we communicate with our customers. People today have grown accustomed to the “I want it now” sort of lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with this, but it has meant that companies need to adapt and adapt quickly. If people want to get a hold of you, it is no longer acceptable for them to mail in a question or concern. Even a phone call isn’t enough at times and for that reason, companies are now embracing social media as yet another platform in which we can reach out to those we value most.

For those of you not “in the know,” social media refers to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and various blogging sites (like this one). With Facebook, individuals have the ability to have news and updates brought to them. Remember way back before the Internet, when we used to have to read things in books, newspapers, and magazines? Now by simply “liking” something, we can have information delivered to one location. Also, because Facebook is so popular and it’s one site that people log onto daily, businesses can make themselves easy to find and accessible.

On Twitter (which is more commonly used on phones), customers can contact us via a quick “tweet,” a task that can literally take only seconds out of a persons’ hectic day. Not only that, but if they use the search feature, they are able to look and see if someone else has already asked the same question and possibly get an answer that way. It’s really all about making things easier, and making ourselves available at any moment.

The blog is a tool that’s primarily used to educate, inform, and let’s face it, entertain. I can read a text book on electronics, or business, but it is way more fun to read a blog, where the text can have a personality behind it. Blogging can also be another tool to advertise new products and developments within a business. It’s a sad fact, but we are getting closer and closer to making physical print a thing of the past. With e-readers on the rise, there is less need for those things, which is another reason to embrace blogging and digital media.

Jumping on board the social media bandwagon is a simple means of being where you are wanted. As always, I am curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Have you, or your company signed up to use Facebook, or Twitter? Have you gotten the results you expected? Or, are there any concerns that maybe you have about all of it?

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