Which Movie Villains Make the Best (and Worst) Customer Service Reps?

DraculaWith Halloween quickly approaching (where has the year gone?!), I would like to change things up a bit and have a little fun! I love Halloween! It’s actually my favorite time of year, much to the chagrin of my wife. But I look at it as an opportunity to watch all kinds of scary movies, which is another favorite activity of mine. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to take some of my favorite villains and actually try to look at them from a customer service perspective!

Freddy Kreuger: I would have to say that this guy would make for a poor service rep. First off, you wouldn’t want to shake his hand. A lot of business deals begin and end with a hand shake, which puts old crispy here at a disadvantage. Also, I’m thinking he might have trouble with his typing skills.

Jason Voorhees: Jason wouldn’t be too bad. He comes across as very patient and you don’t often see him losing his temper, which would help when dealing with an upset customer. The only trouble is he doesn’t really say too much. Communication is important when it comes to services and I fear that the quiet demeanor may come across as a bad attitude.

Jaws: Large fish with teeth…moving on!

Darth Vader: Now here is a true businessman. Vader started out as an orphan who was constantly being told that he had a big, bright future ahead of him. A lot of pressure to put on someone, but instead of crumbling, he rose to the very top of an entire empire! Ok, so he didn’t have much patience for incompetence, but Vader really knew how to get things done. The guy built two Death Stars for pete’s sake!

Dracula: Charming, polite, sincere…The Count is another good choice for services. As long as it’s third shift and you give him a free vacation day when the Red Cross comes, there isn’t a job he couldn’t succeed at. Plus, he’s what you would call a “long-term” employee. Get it? Cause he’s not getting any older. See it’s funny bec…oh never mind!

Hannibal Lecter: Snacking on the job isn’t always a good idea, especially when you work with people. Maybe we should respectfully decline this candidate.

The Wolfman: This is an ordinary guy that just had a run in with some bad luck. Ok, so what if he gets extra grouchy three days out of the month. I’m not too pleasant to be around on a Monday and there are four of those in a month. I’m thinking Wolfman would be empathetic to customers, which is something that a lot of service representatives are lacking these days.

The Mummy: This individual has been around! He’s seen things that most of us have only read about in books. It’s hard to come by that kind of experience in today’s work force. I think the Mummy would have a lot to talk about with a customer, considering all of his experiences, and building lasting customer relationships is what a lot of companies strive for.

I didn’t intentionally leave the ladies out of this one, I just couldn’t think of any female villains. They usually end up playing the hero in the story. If you can come up with any female villains, or any villains that I might have missed, comment below. Have fun with it! Cause that’s what Halloween is all about – fun!

4 Comments on “Which Movie Villains Make the Best (and Worst) Customer Service Reps?

  1. How about Hannibel Lecter? He would be good…he seems like a very good listener…


  2. I haven’t read too many of Central’s blogs but this caught my attention and was really great. Great job Scott!


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